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A&F Dog Services A&F Dog Services A&F Dog Services A&F Dog Services

Why should you choose “A&F Dog Services” as your dog training school?

Modern dog psychology-based training methods are used at the school. They do not cause stress or discomfort to animals. In addition to learning much faster and creating a stronger bond with the owner, the owner also gets to know his dog better and can effectively apply the training methodology in everyday life.


A trainer with extensive experience teaching obedience to dogs of various breeds. Actively participating in seminars, conferences, and other events to further her knowledge.


In addition to learning how to control your dog, you will also gain theoretical knowledge. The peculiarities of dog communication, their body language, and their physiological differences will be explained to you. This course will teach you the basics of dog anatomy, their senses, and how they understand their environment. It will make communication between you and your pet easier on a daily basis.

Boardin Licence Number: 23/00131/LIANI

Would you like to go on holiday? You don’t have anyone to leave your pet with?

It will be our pleasure to brighten up your pet’s leisure time while you are away.

With us, your pet won’t get bored!!

Our family home welcomes dogs of all sizes, ages, and most breeds (except band breeds), where they will be cared for and treated as if they were our own.

Ideally you should book a one-day trial stay if you are leaving your dog for longer than 3 days.Afterwards, your little or big one can explore the house, meet our dogs, and get to know me.

Please complete all registration forms and send them back to us as soon as possible so that we can ensure we have all the information required by the government. To secure a booking, we require a 20% deposit.

Providing incorrect information or failing to sign consent forms may result in cancellation of your stay. The registration form is your pup’s book, so it must include all the information I need about your dog.

The dog is fed at least 1-2 times in 24 hours, depending on its individual needs

Each dog receives at least 2 daily walks for 20 minutes. Please indicate in the registration form if your dog needs a longer walk or special exercises. Access to the garden is unlimited.

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