Alice Bowmaker

Alice Bowmaker

Hello! I am a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, and so my business blends ancient practices with modern forms of fitness, favouring a cyclical approach to tailor it to the needs of women. I want to ensure you feel confident and strong on the inside and the outside!

Having suffered with an eating disorder in my teens, I then went on a healing journey which took me around the world teaching and exploring different types of wellness practices, which eventually brought me back in union with my body. This long personal journey has given me a lot of personal experience and professional knowledge, that fuels my passion for teaching and empowering other women to feel brave and powerful within their bodies.

I work mainly with women 1-2-1, helping them to feel confident within themselves from the inside to the outside. In my 1-2-1 sessions I combine strength training with breath-work, stretching and meditation.

I have also just launched online membership called The Future of Fitness, which brings together a live class, recorded meditation, a recipe and educational video. Each month has a specific theme based on the current new moon. It’s very special.

Alongside this, I have successful organized and lead my Body Victory retreats for women in the UK and abroad.

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