Bucks Body Ballancer

Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer Bucks Body Ballancer

Bucks Body Ballancer is situated in West Wycombe Bucks and offers three incredible treatments to clients. We offer:

* Targeted fat freezing (Cryo Lipolysis)
* Cryo Frotox
* Cryo pain management
* Cryo skin repair
* Cryo cellulite smoothing
* Cryo massage
* Lymphatic Massage/Drainage
* Sports Massage
* DermaluxLED aesthetic treatments
* DermaluxLED skin condition treatments
* DermaluxLED injury treatment.

TruCryo causes Cryo-lipolysis destroying fat cells permanently which are flushed through the lymphatic system.

Accelerates microcirculation which supports better oxygenation of derma cells and encourages collagen production for healthier skin. Removes dead skin to stimulate new smoother skin growth.

Body Ballancer® is a versatile and relaxing compression therapy system that uses the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage to provide a consistent, high-quality lymphatic massage, and sports massage.
Regular use promotes a healthy lymphatic system, essential in the elimination of waste and toxins that result from the body’s natural metabolic waste process.

Bodyballancer treatments can also operate as a deep tissue massage to help speed recovery from muscle soreness following exercise and sports by increasing the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the tired muscles.

DERMALUX FLEX MD LED LIGHT THERAPY – Clinically proven, professional-level LED therapy to improve skin health.

Red (633nm) and Near-Infrared (830nm) have been clinically proven to increase skin elasticity by 36% while reducing wrinkles and producing collagen to smooth out skin.

Near-Infrared light therapy helps to reduce the size of broken blood vessels and calm the redness on the face caused by rosacea and eventually reduce symptoms over time.

Blue (415nm) and Red (633nm) have been clinically proven to improve acne and blemishes by 76% and heal acne scars.

Combined Red light has been proven to clear recalcitrant psoriasis with 60% to 100% effectiveness within 8 sessions.

LED light therapy is the best way to stimulate skin healing. Near-Infrared stimulates the ‘wound healing cells’ in the skin causing new ones to form and even out your skin tone.

For more details please contact Chantal – 07411262977

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