Clymping Dog Sanctuary

Clymping Dog Sanctuary Clymping Dog Sanctuary

The Clymping Dog Sanctuary was started in the 1950’s by Mrs Kathleen Grellier and her friend the then Duchess of Norfolk
We take in unwanted and stray dogs and also dogs from owners who find they can no longer keep them. We never judge. We care for and keep the dogs, until we can find loving, forever homes for them. We would never put a clinically healthy dog down, so sometimes we have a few long term residents with us until the right owner comes along.

Today our sanctuary is run soley by volunteers
Unfortunately we sometimes have dogs that we feel we cannot rehome due to behavioural problems. These dogs stay with us forever and we love them. The average cost of a caring for our dogs is around £20 a day and that covers the kennelling, cleaning, food etc, but doesn’t include any veterinary bills. These can certainly add up so Money is always tight.

If you would like to help us take care of our dogs please visit the How you can help page.

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