Dogs 4 Rescue

Dogs 4 Rescue Dogs 4 Rescue Dogs 4 Rescue Dogs 4 Rescue

Inspired by what we saw abroad we set about redefining what a UK dog rescue could look like, and discovered the power of pack rehabilitation in the process.

As rescue pioneers we wanted our rescue dogs to experience companionship, have a sense of belonging and to enjoy their freedom in the great outdoors. We wanted our adopters to meet dogs in a happy, relaxed setting instead of walking along a row of kennels.
We wanted to challenge the perception that rescue dogs are damaged goods, to show how street dogs can make a fantastic second addition to a fur-family and present the staffies as the most loyal and loving breed they naturally are.

Having shown the world kennel-free life through our videos, we have an ever-growing supporter base joining the rescue revolution.

In 9 years we have successfully rehomed over 1,600 dogs in the Greater Manchester area and the revolution continues as we prepare to open our second kennel-free site – a 41-acre Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Retreat for the dogs no one wants.

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