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Aberdeenshire’s first & only Professional Pooper Scoopers SEPA Registration No: WCR/R/3008241

Chances are that picking up after your four-legged family members is one of your least favourite chores and likely your least favourite part of being a pet parent.

People use us in the same way they use dog walkers, dog groomers, window cleaners, ironing services.

Cost is dependent on the size of your garden and the number of dogs you have.

We are able offer ongoing plans allowing you to pay weekly or fortnightly, we also offer one-off cleans.

We will keep your garden fresh, clean, and green while providing a healthier and eco-friendly area for your family and pets to enjoy.

We Also Provide DOggie Treats
We Do Doo Doggie Delights – All natural air-dried treats.
We now stock natural dog treats and will be available to drop off treat bags to existing customers who have a cleaning plan with us.
These treats are good for:
• Dental Hygiene
• Natural dewormer
• The digestive system
• High in Protein
The treat bag will contain 16 items and can be purchased for £6.50 per bag.
The items are as follows:
• 1 x Small Pig Ears
• 8 x Chicken feet
• 1 x Roast beef chews
• 2 x Lamb Skins “Lamb Scalps”
• 2 x Lamb Shoulder Strips
• 1 x Trachea “Gullet”
• 1 x Lamb Ears – with fur/hair
If interested in getting a treat bag dropped off, please message us and we can arrange for one to be dropped off the next time we are doing your clean up.
We would never sell anything that our own dogs have not tried first 😊

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